Frugal Friday~

Welcome to this week's edition of Frugal Friday! So, who's getting up early (or in my case staying up REALLY late) to watch the royal wedding?

Okay, that really has nothing to do with my Frugal Round-up, I'm just throwing the question out there cuz that's how I roll. ;-)

So without further wedding-related procrastination, here's my Frugal Round-up for this week.

Liz Marie shared her very clever coffee filter lampshade. Too cute for words.

Less That Perfect Life of Bliss shared her lovely French Buffet makeover. I especially liked her "If You Give a Pig a Pancake" style post. So fun.

School Daze shared a scavenged outdoor table that I just love. This is frugality in all its glory.

And finally, Evolution of Style shared her powder room makeover. Loving this stencilled wall.

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Creating a Gallery Wall~

There is a wall in this house that has been driving me crazy since we first moved in. It is at the end of a long hallway. It is quite large. And it is BORING.

I decided to create a gallery wall there some time ago, but I was dragging my feet a bit. I wasn't sure exactly what type of gallery wall I wanted. So I gathered inspiration and finally decided that I wanted something fairly cohesive but a bit organic.

Here's how I turned this wall (which, by the way, might be the most boring photo ever posted on the internet)....

Into this gallery wall....

First of all, I had to make a decision about the frames. Did I want black frames? White frames? Mismatched frames?

I finally decided that I wanted white frames...and not just any white frames. I wanted matching white frames. And I couldn't spend a fortune. So I went to IKEA and found some in a couple of different sizes (some for 5x7s and some for 8x10s).

I am ashamed to say that after I got the frames home they sat...for quite a while. Because I had decided that I wanted the gallery wall to be a bit organic, but I wasn't sure how I wanted to accomplish that task.

Remember when I told you yesterday that I had the perfect place for my sweet Lisa Leonard pennant banner? Well, once it arrived in the mail, it gave me the perfect idea for how I wanted to finish my wall.

So I gathered up my photos and filled those frames. Then, I laid the frame out on my bed to get an idea of how I wanted them to look on the wall.

I've seen a lot of gallery wall tutorials with kraft paper and carefully measured placement. And those are wonderful. But I am not that girl. Impatience is my middle name...and I love to eyeball things. (When I'm doing things for myself that is.) So I started with the middle photo in the collage and moved out from there. Eyeballing measurements as I went.

And to add to the organic/ eclectic feel of the wall, I threw in a couple of monogram "H"s. This metal one is from Anthropologie...it used to sit on the white buffet in my living room.

The white "H" came from JoAnn's.

And then, the piece de resistance my pennant banner. Love. it.

Here's the finished wall again. I'm so happy with the way it turned out.

There's still time to enter the $75 Lisa Leonard giveaway...just scroll down to yesterday's post and leave a comment!

Have a great day~


Lisa Leonard Designs: A Giveaway~

This post is sponsored by Lisa Leonard Designs.

Happy Tuesday everybody! Do I have a treat for you today! And what is that, you might ask? (Okay, you wouldn't really ask that if you read the title of this post...) Today, I've got a giveaway from one of my favorite shops...Lisa Leonard Designs!! Can I hear a "woot woot"?

I'm sure you all know about Lisa's beautiful custom jewelry. Love. Love. Love. I've been wanting one of her teeny tiny initial necklaces for.ev.ah.

But, did you know that she also has a line of lovely home decor accessories? They are seriously just about the sweetest things I've ever seen. And, just like her jewelry...they can be personalized!

So you can imagine how excited I was when Lisa asked if she could send me something from her new line. I chose the pennant banner...personalized with our last name. I simply adore it!

Don't you just love this idea for portraits?...I'm going to have to take the pennant with us the next time we get a family portrait taken.

Here it is hanging on our mantle. Which is a perfectly wonderful place for it, except that I actually have a very fun plan for it...hopefully I'll post it later this week...

In the mean time, Lisa has generously offered to give one reader of the Shabby Nest a $75 gift certificate good toward anything in her shop!!

To enter simply leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite item from her new home decor line.

You can tweet, facebook or blog about this giveaway for extra entries, but you must leave an additional comment for each in order for the entry to be valid.

Giveaway is open until Thursday, April 28, 11:59 MST.

Good luck and have a great day!

I was given a pennant banner by Lisa Leonard to review, but the opinions expressed are solely my own.


House of Fifty (and a little Easter What-We-Wore)~

Today is the day! The official launch of House of Fifty e-zine! Created by the very talented Janell of Isabella and Max rooms!

I am so honored to have been one of the contributors to the premier issue of this beautiful

e-zine. As a contributor, I was lucky enough to see a sneak peak of the magazine last week...and I must tell you...it is simply stunning. A must read, if I do say so myself.

Now for a little Easter What-We-Wore.

I just love Easter! It is seriously one of my favorite holidays. And one of the things that I love the most is dressing my children up for church in their new Easter finery! Our family tradition of getting new Easter clothes is one that dates back to my childhood...and one that I've loved continuing with my own kids.

Here are the kiddos hunting for Easter eggs on Easter morning. They found them all in no time flat. I wish I had timed them... but seriously, it could not have taken them more than about 5 or 6 minutes. You should have seem them go!

And here they are with the goods! Too cute for words, those kiddos.

On the Princess: Lady Jane Dress and Mini Frosted Flowers cardigan from DownEast Basics.
On the little boys: Shirts and sweater vests from Target, khakis from Children's Place
On Mr. One: Shirt from Target, tie - Chaps by Ralph Lauren from Kohl's, khakis from Children's Place

The hubby snapped this photo of my Easter look...

Le Petit Linen Dress and Frosted Flowers Cardigan from DownEast Basics

Tulle Underskirt from Vintage Hem

Necklace from Target

Fashionable footwear courtesy of our local Urgent Care

Bet you're jealous of my awesome footwear, huh? Last Wednesday I was just minding my own business walking down our stairs when "POP!" something popped in my ankle...and boy did it hurt. But the pain went away and I soon forgot about it. Until I was trying to reach something on a shelf and stood on my tip toes. Then "POP!" it happened again. And then again later...and then again...and then on Thursday the frequency increased until I told the hubby I thought maybe I should go get it checked.

Turns out I have a small fracture on my right ankle bone most likely a stress fracture that finally "popped" on my way down the stairs last Wednesday. Seeing as it was Thursday night at Urgent Care, however, they just immobilized it for me. I'm going to have to see a specialist this week to find out the details. Let's keep our fingers crossed no surgery is involved. Shall we?

But aside from my little escapade with my ankle, it was a perfectly lovely weekend.

How about you?


Matthew Mead Summer Magazine Giveaway Winner~

Just popping in on a Saturday to announce the winner of the Matthew Mead Summer Magazine Giveaway.

And the winner is....

LT who said "I would LOVE to win this magazine! I have been of huge fan of Matthew Mead and YOU for a long time!"

LT, please drop me an email and we'll get you set up with your free magazine!


Picaboo Photo Books: Helping Me Catch Up

Thanks to Picaboo for sponsoring this post. To learn more about Picaboo photo books, cards, calendars and other printed products visit http://www.picaboo.com/?siteID=B_SN. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do.

I used to be a big scrapbooker. Of course, that was before the days of digital photography. My two oldest kids have great scrapbooks of their baby years. By the time kiddo number 3 made his debut, film was beginning to disappear and digital cameras were gaining popularity. His scrapbook only goes up to his 1st birthday.

By the time my 4th kiddo was born, all our photos were being uploaded right to the computer. That's when I quit scrapbooking. I didn't have photos sitting around making me feel guilty if I didn't put them in a book. They were on my computer. Out of sight, out of mind.

I tried my hand at making a digital scrapbook, and succeeded at getting a small one done for my last baby. Lately, however, I've noticed how many photos I have sitting on my hard drive. I've started feeling a need to get them in hard copies. I want to put them in books just like all the hard copies I used to have sitting around.

When I was approached with the idea of trying Picaboo, I was so excited! I mean look at those faces!! How could I not put them in a scrapbook? And a digital photo book was the perfect solution. So I decided to create a family photobook for 2010. The whole year. And you know what? It was easier than I thought it would be.

Using Picaboo was very simple. I signed up for an account and downloaded the program right to my computer.

Uploading photos was a breeze as well. The program uploads photos very quickly, then you can check which ones you want to use in the book. I made it easy for myself by putting all the photos I wanted to use in my book in a single folder on my computer. Then I just checked all of them and uploaded them at once. A much faster process than I expected.

The program gives you the option of letting it auto fill a book, or allowing you to create one from scratch. I chose the "from scratch" option. It was easy thanks to the user-friendly program. I could choose the page layout, color, text and everything. So easy.

I finished my entire book in less than 2 hours. (Much faster than I ever scrapbooked, that's for sure.)

Here's a screenshot of the program with my finished book sitting on its virtual "shelf". I'm so excited to get my finished copy!!

Overall, I was really impressed with Picaboo. It was easy to use and their product selection is great. If you'd like to try Picaboo out for yourself, here is a link to their current special offers which include up to 40% off any classic book style, and 15% off on card orders of $20 or more.

This is a sponsored post, but the opinions I've expressed here are solely my own and represent my honest viewpoint.


Frugal Friday~

Welcome to this week's edition of Frugal Friday. Can you feel it?? Are you excited for the frugal goodness??

First up on my frugal round-up this week...

Life at Fire Lake Camp. Check out this FABULOUS hanging bed. One of these days I'm going to have a hanging bed. Love. it.

I am so impressed by this kitchen at The Vintage Farmhouse. Talk about frugal decorating and blooming where you are planted. I'll say it again, SO IMPRESSED.

I've seen a lot of benches made from cribs in my time...but I love this one from a Diamond in the Stuff...wouldn't know it was a crib, if you weren't told.

Finally, these sweet easter pillows from Midwestern Sewing Girl make me happy. Just like she said, cute but not too cute.

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This post is sponsored by Silhouette.

Hey out there in blogland!

This month, the good people at Silhouette sent me their rhinestone starter kit to try out. I must admit, I wasn't so sure about how it would work out...but let me tell you...after making the shirt I'm about to show you for the Princess, I was hooked. No really. I've got some other fun ideas cooking in this little old brain of mine now.

So without further ado, I present the Princess' blingy pennant tee shirt. How cute is that?

And seriously, by simply following the directions included with the kit, I made the whole thing in just about 20 minutes.

The Silhouette cuts a rhinestone template for you, then you just use the included brush and this amazing little tool called the Pick Me Up to position the rhinestones.

(seriously...if you are a paper crafter or use little crafting doodads like rhinestones...this tool is A.MAZ.ING. Love it!! It uses this sticky gum that reminds me of that adhesive stuff you can use on walls to help you pick up tiny little whatzits.)

After that you use the sticky rhinestone transfer paper - so well photographed below - to lift the rhinestones from the template and place them on whatever you want to transfer them to. It doesn't have to be fabric either...you can use them on paper if you want.

Iron them on and VOILA!

Love it!

If you'd like to try the rhinestones yourself, here is the fabulous deal Silhouette is running this month. A perfect Mother's Gift, might I add.

This Rhinestone Bundle includes:

The Silhouette SD
2 sheets of rhinestone template material
2 sheets of rhinestone transfer tape
2 rhinestone backing boards
1 rhinestone placement brush
1 CD of rhinestone images
1 pack of clear 10ss rhinestones
1 pack of clear 16ss rhinestones
1 pack of clear 20ss rhinestones
1 pack of pink 10ss rhinestones
1 Pick-Me-Up tool
ALL FOR $229!

This is an incredible deal worth $125 in savings!

Click here to purchase, then click on the special bundle icon and use the code "SHABBY" to receive your discount.

If you already have a Silhouette Machine and want to try the rhinestones, Silhouette is offering 30% off all things rhinestone! You don't need a special code to receive this discount.

Happy Crafting!!

Frugal Friday goes live tonight at 10:00 pm EST as usual...See you there!!

This post was sponsored by Silhouette.  The opinions expressed are 100% mine.


Subway Art: My Version and a Mini Buffet Makeover~

Okay, so I have to preface this post by reminding you that I have an obsessive need to constantly tweak and redecorate. So I had barely finished redoing my small buffet (as seen in this post) when I already had the desire to tweak it. Don't get me wrong. It was pretty. Just not quite "me". Know what I mean?

BEFORE (pretty, but not quite right):

The more I looked at it, the more I knew that I wanted to bring back a bit of the black. I like the sophistication that a bit of black brings.

I also have been crushing on all the subway art signs that I have seen floating around blogland. So I decided that it was high time I made some for myself.

Here is my version...filled with cities that are meaningful for our family. For example, Kennebunkport, Maine - at the very top of the sign - is where the hubby and I spent our honeymoon. Newport, RI is where we spent my 24th birthday. Just last year. (ha, just kidding!) You get the idea.

When I put it up on the wall, I knew other things were going to have to change as well. The pretty pink faux cherry blossoms looked much too sweet against the sign. So I replaced them with white blossoms in a rustic vessel. Then I brought back my pretty terrarium that had previously been on the buffet. But the two things looked a little bit lonely, so I added a stack of old books tied with twine.

Finally, I decided that the lamp needed a little bit of zing, so I added some grosgrain ribbon around the top and bottom. A little dab of hot glue holds the ribbon in place so that I can easily remove it when I'd like another change.

So here she is...the little buffet all done over (again.) I'm lovin' this version. And that cute subway art? I'll have a tutorial for you soon.

Have a great day~


Forcing Blooms: Apricot Blossoms Come to Life~

I don't know about you, but it seems to me like spring is slow in coming this year. How I long for a few consistent days of warm temperatures and sunshine. We are getting a pretty, warm day here and there, however. And I'm trying to relish them as they come.

Saturday was such a day here. And everyone was outside. I stopped to chat with my neighbors as they pruned the apricot trees in their yard. Our own apricot trees had been pruned so well last year, that they really didn't need tending to this year. So I was content to chat and watch and soak in the sunshine.

Then I came back inside to finish my spring cleaning. Blech. I was busily working away when the doorbell rang, and my lovely neighbors stood there with a bucket of apricot branches just full of tiny blossoms waiting to bloom.

They offered me several branches because they just couldn't bring themselves to throw them away before they had a chance to bloom.

So I took them and decided to place them in water and see if I could force blooms. My neighbor promised me that with water and the warmth of the house, those branches would bloom in no time.

Boy was she ever right! I didn't even have a chance to get a photo of the branches with all of their buds tightly shut. By the very next morning, they had already started to bloom. And now, as I write this, two days later, the blossoms are open wide....lovely and sweetly fragrant.

What a beautiful way to bring spring inside. So despite the cool rain that fell all day outside, I sat working at my dining room table enjoying mother nature's splendor with a few blooming branches.

Do you have blossoming trees? Consider bringing the branches you prune inside and forcing blooms of your own. What a lovely tribute to spring.

Have a great day~


Sponsor Giveaway - AboutOne~

This post is sponsored by About One.

Good Monday morning everyone! Today I'm going to share another one of my fabulous sponsors with you. If you want to get organized, this giveaway is for you.

AboutOne is a NEW and SECURE online family management system that simplifies daily life by providing ONE location to store and manage household information, including:

Health Records - Education Records - Home Records - Vehicle Records -

Address Book - Family Memories

The great thing is that you can access AboutOne from anywhere as long as you have a web-enable device. But even though your access is easy, others can't get to your information because it is stored at bank-level security. Also, there is no need to enter history into your account. Just start where you are, and help to get yourself more prepared for the future.

But don't think of AboutOne as just an online filing cabinet. It can do much more than that. With AboutOne you can create family newsletters, digital scrapbooks and hard copy memory books.

You can create paper greeting cards and invitations that mail themselves!

Other great time-savers include education reports for college applications, health summaries, babysitter instructions, and home improvement reports for tax reporting.

So are you ready to get organized??

Because experiencing AboutOne is the only way to really appreciate it, this giveaway is going to run a little bit differently that usual.

First of all, AboutOne is offering 5 lucky readers fo the Shabby Nest free yearly subscriptions ($30 values).

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And since AboutOne is so sure you'll love their service once you've had a chance to try the free trial, they are offering a special 25% discount code to all entrants of this giveaway if they decide to sign up after their free trial is over.

This giveaway will be open until Wednesday April 20 at 11:59 MST.

Good Luck!

This post was sponsored by About One.  The opinions expressed are 100% mine.